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Security Digest: Data Subject Rights Refresher

April 25, 2023

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💡 Indiana is on the brink of enacting new privacy legislation, which would make it the seventh U.S. state to do so, following California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Utah, and Virginia.

🌍 These privacy laws bear similarities with one another and to GDPR, as they all enshrine individual privacy rights concerning personal information, commonly referred to as data subject rights.

📝 It is crucial to comprehend data subject rights, as some or all of your customers might possess these privacy rights and be entitled to exercise them with your company. Additionally, you may have data subject rights over your own personal data. Common data subject rights include:

👉 Right to access: Users are entitled to access their personal data.

👉 Right to rectify: Users can request corrections to their personal data.

👉 Right to erasure (right to be forgotten): Users can demand the deletion of their data.

👉 Right to opt-out of data processing: Users can refuse to have their data collected or utilized.

👉 Right to inquire about data processing: Users can request information about how their data is collected and used.

✅ A standard feature of personal privacy legislation requires companies to offer users transparent guidance on submitting requests regarding their personal data.

If users approach you with any of the aforementioned data requests, be sure to adhere to your company's policies when responding. If you are uncertain about these policies, consult your manager or your organization's privacy-responsive team.


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