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Security Digest: 2023, More Attacks, and You

January 10, 2023

🥂 🍾 It’s 2023, a new year. Unfortunately, that does not mean a slowdown in the attacks that target end-users like you. Social engineering attacks, which attempt to trick you into clicking a link, providing sensitive information on fake websites, or installing malicious software, were on the rise in 2022 and will continue to be a primary method used by cyber attackers in 2023.

🤔Why are these attacks on the rise?

  • Social engineering works. Even high-profile tech companies like Twilio and Dropbox fell victim to phishing attacks in 2022.
  • These attacks are highly profitable for attackers. Attackers are earning millions of dollars from successful attacks.
  • Cybersecurity tools cannot stop them completely. Security tools are improving, but the scale of social engineering is increasing and the methods used evolve to evade detection.

🙀 Telling you that “attackers target users like you” is not meant to scare you. It is just the reality of the digital work in which we live and work. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from social engineering.

👉 Be vigilant. Always assume attackers are targeting you.

👉 Check URLs. Checking the URL before or after you click can tell you if a site is real.

👉 Trust your gut. If a request or action feels off, don’t do it.

👉 Ask for help. If you have questions or worry something is an attack, ask your manager or security team.


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