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Security Awareness Course for Modern Work

June 21, 2022

Are you searching for a way to enhance your organization's security awareness training? Look no further than Haekka! Schedule a demo with us to discover how we can help you reduce costs by 75% while boosting employee satisfaction with our training by 81%.
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At Haekka, we update our training content on a very regular basis. Updates are made based on a few factors:

  • Feedback from customers.
  • Threat and vulnerability landscape.
  • Technology environment.

Based on all of the above, we’re excited to release the newest version of our security awareness course — Modern Security Awareness Training! Admittedly, the name of the course is not that exciting but the content is fresh and presented in a new way for Haekka.

What subjects do we cover in modern security awareness training?

The topics we cover in our new security awareness course resemble topics from other security awareness vendors. However, our training content is written for modern work.

We cover security awareness in the context of SaaS apps, the cloud, and hybrid work environments. We have lessons on passwords, phishing, and device security but the content specifically applies those topics to the way employees work today.

As we track the cybersecurity landscape, we see trends in social engineering. Not just different types of scams but where attackers are targeting people. Email remains a primary vector for scams but increasingly cyberattackers are using other platforms like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slack, or text to target potential victims. We brought those learnings into the lessons of our Modern Security Awareness Training.

How do we present our security awareness content in Slack?

We get consistent feedback from users about the ways they want to engage with training content in Slack. The two points of feedback we hear the most are:

  1. We want training content to be short and very easy to consume.
  2. We want options in content format, including high-quality and engaging video.

We’ve taken that feedback and incorporated it into our new training.

Shorter, more frequent training

As we’ve built our content catalog, our content has gotten shorter and shorter. We now have 1,000s of content pieces including lesson summaries, text lessons, and scenario questions. We’ve worked hard to say more with less.

In our Modern Security Awareness Training, our lessons are shorter than the earlier versions of our security awareness training. We take advantage of our deep integration with Slack to present dense data in a way that is very easy to consume, light-hearted, scattered with emojis (we often get feedback that people love having Slack emojis in their training content); but effective at communicating the importance of security awareness and hygiene.

More touchpoints → more engagement → security mindset.

In addition, we also recently launched Haekka Streams, which are bite-sized training content delivered weekly in Slack. Customers can now subscribe to Streams of topical content and build a security mindset across their entire workforce.

High-quality, engaging animated video

We’ve included video content in several of our courses in the past. However, with our newest training, we wanted to make videos more entertaining and engaging. Our newest training course includes animated videos.

Importantly, our new animated videos are all 1-2 minutes in length, meaning they align with our goal of making content easy to consume. See an example lesson below.

As of today, all existing Haekka customers have access to our newest security awareness training. If you are interested in trying Haekka and discovering how powerful it is to connect employees to security knowledge in Slack, schedule a demo with us today.

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