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Introducing Streams

February 24, 2021

Are you searching for a way to enhance your organization's security awareness training? Look no further than Haekka! Schedule a demo with us to discover how we can help you reduce costs by 75% while boosting employee satisfaction with our training by 81%.
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In our most recent release, β 0.6, we announced a new feature called Streams. We're really excited about this feature and the potential it has to support our users in building a culture of security throughout their organization. In this post, I'll go into more detail on how Streams can help improve employee security hygiene and reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

First, to get started, I'd like to explain how the opt-in process for Streams works. Users and admins are not automatically subscribed to Tips & Topics. In order to subscribe, Admins will have to select which users they'd like to participate. Considering the nature of the material, we believe every employee at every organization should get this content, but of course, we're biased. We do make it easy to subscribe though, see the gif below for details:

Once you're subscribed to Streams, what types of content can you expect to receive? While we brand the content as general security hygiene, we have two rules of thumb:

  • Tips are typically related to basic, everyday security hygiene best practices. We often tie Tips to a current event, for example, a public breach. Most tips are very short, and will often include a video.
  • Topics on the other hand go into more depth and are typically related to a broader security lesson, like Phishing. This content helps employees keep their Security Awareness training fresh even after they've completed the annual requirement.

So think of it this way. Weekly Streams help employees keep security top of mind and provide just-in-time training to help reduce the likelihood of cybersecurity incidents. Monthly Topics help employees stay up to date on their security awareness training so when your training cycle does come around, your employees are already familiar with the material.

Users that add Haekka to Slack today can get Tips and Topics as part of our standard plan. All organizations can install Haekka for free and add up to 10 employees. For organizations with more than 10 employees, we have plans starting at just $2/user/m.

As always if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us at hello@haekka.com!

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