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Digest Stream: Don't use "pizza123" as a password

October 31, 2022

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The magazine Fast Company was recently hacked. After gaining access, the attackers sent offensive push notifications to users via the Apple News app. Apple disabled the Fast Company news account.

🤗 Fast Company made it incredibly easy for the attackers. Fast Company used the password “pizza123” across at least a dozen accounts. Hackers easily guessed this password to get admin access to Fast Company servers.

😠 We hope you do not use easy to guess passwords like “pizza123” or the most commonly used passwords: “123456” and “password”. If you do, please change them to something long, with a mix of characters (letters, numbers, special characters), and uniques (not reused across multiple accounts).

⏳ We know it’s sometimes easier to set simple passwords or to reuse passwords. We also know everybody is busy. But, please take the extra few seconds to change default passwords and use strong, unique passwords on all of your accounts.


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