Why Haekka?

Security and privacy training your remote team will love.

Create, administer, and manage training in Slack. Your employees, managers, and auditors will thank you.
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We re-imagined training for modern work. Nobody wants to bite off a full day, or even a full hour, to focus on lectures, videos, slides, or e-books. Haekka’s micro-training content is tailor-made for the way you work and the tools you use.

Fun and Engaging

If you work for a technology company, Haekka’s content was written for you. Our training is relatable and relevant; Leading to higher engagement from learners and greater comprehension of privacy/security best practices.

Designed for Remote Work

Remote work is a part of the new normal — up to over 70% post-COVID. Working remotely changes the dynamics of privacy and security. Haekka ensures your remote workforce is empowered with the knowledge to successfully operationalize your security program.

Lightning Fast Onboarding

We get it. You don’t want to spend the next 3-6 months negotiating an enterprise contract and onboarding a bulky LMS. Then another several months writing content. Add Haekka to Slack and start training your employees right away.

Build a Culture of Privacy and Security

Get an ROI from time spent training. Embed privacy and security into your company’s culture, ensuring it is top of mind when employees make decisions, build products, and talk to customers.

More Than a Checkbox

Free means free when it comes to security and privacy training. Don’t subject your employees to irrelevant free training they know is only meant to check the compliance box. Haekka training takes less time and is drastically more effective.

Ready to up your training game?

Haekka starts at just $2.50/user/month with a free 14 day trial. Add Haekka to Slack to start building a culture of privacy now!
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