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Security Awareness Training

General Security Awareness Training designed for all employees at technology companies.
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πŸŽ“ Lesson 1 | Security is everybody's job

With systems, networks, individuals, mobile and home devices connected to one another 24/7, data security is more important than ever.

Key points for this lesson

πŸ‘‰ New technologies like the cloud and new ways of work like remote have changed the security landscape.
πŸ‘‰ You, as an employee, represent the largest threat to your company’s data and systems.

Lesson Content

πŸ‘ͺ Security is everybody's job
The responsibility of security is no longer confined to a security group within an organization. Employees, in all departments of a company, are constantly being targeted by sophisticated, and highly personalized attacks. These attacks target weak device security, passwords, and human behavior.

With interconnected systems and software, employees are now the largest threat vector for most companies, meaning employees are the primary target for attackers. Once attackers gain a foothold, even if it is confined to a single system, they have methods and tools to use that foothold to gain access to additional systems and data. Often, breaches are not detected for months or even years.

Every employee is a potential entry point into corporate systems for attackers. The best thing you can do is be diligent about the security of your devices and your accounts, both personal and corporate. When you experience doubts about security best practices, be sure to ask your security team before taking any action. It is much cheaper and easier to answer questions before a breach than marshal the resources to investigate and resolve a breach after it happens.

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Lesson 1
Security is everybody's job
Lesson 2
Security vs Privacy vs Compliance
Lesson 3
The world has changed
Lesson 4
Threats to you and your company
Lesson 5
Securing your accounts
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Securing your computer
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Securing your phone
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Lesson 9
Preventing phishing
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Lesson 11
Security considerations for remote work
Lesson 12
What to do when something goes wrong