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Admin Getting Started Guide

Written by:
Ryan Rich

How do I install Haekka?

You can install the Haekka Slack app by heading to dashboard.haekka.com and following these instructions:

  • Sign in with Slack. Even if you don't have an account yet. Signing in will create one for you.
  • Once you've signed in, you can install the Haekka Slack app. Just follow the onscreen prompts.
  • You're all set! You'll get a Slack message from Haekka once you've installed successfully.

How do I create a training?

Head over to dashboard.haekka.com and click the Trainings navigation link.

Once you're inside the Trainings view, you can click "Create training".

Inside of the create training modal, you'll be able to select a training template, as well as configure the following options:

Days Until Training is Due: this is a dynamic due date based the number of days allowed to complete the training. Haekka will use this number to calculate a due date for the employee based on when they were assigned training. Haekka will automatically notify the user to keep working on the training so that it gets done by the due date.

Training Tags: this is a free-form tag creator to help other admins easily identify the training you're creating.

Renew Options: in most cases, you'll want training to renew on at least an annual basis. Haekka can automate this for you by re-upping your training each year, every six months, or every quarter.

Graded Training: in some cases, you may want to require employees to test out of training. This feature allows you to set a grading threshold where employees must achieve a certain percentage of correct lessons. If they do not, they must retake the training.

How do I assign training to employees?

Inside of the Training view, find the three dots icon in the top right. Click that, and select "Assign Employees"

Inside of the Assign Employees modal, you'll have the option to assign training in the following ways:

  • One-by-one across all Haekka accounts. If you don't see the user you're looking for, you can click the "Sync Accounts" button to have Haekka re-sync your accounts.
  • Add all users from a Slack workspace (with the option to sync). This action will grab everyone within a workspace. If you toggle the sync switch, Haekka will also track any new users added to Slack and automatically assign them the training.
  • Add users from a channel (with the option to sync). This action will grab all users from a particular channel, and assign them the training. If you add the same channel to the channel sync input, Haekka will also track that channel and automatically assign training to anyone that joins in the future.
  • Add users from a Group (with the option to sync). Haekka admins can create groups in the Employees view. These groups can be added to training. Haekka will automatically assign training to any users that are added to these groups.