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Admin Getting Started Guide

Written by:
Ryan Rich

How do I install Haekka?

You can install Haekka by going to here → www.haekka.com/install and clicking "Install in Slack for free".

How do I create a training?

Head over to dashboard.haekka.com and click the "Create Training" button at the top. (Note: Clicking "Create Training" in the Haekka Slack app will also take you to the dashboard).

How do I assign training to employees?

Find the training you want to assign in your training list. Click "Manage". Once inside of that training, click the options icon in the top right (3 vertical ellipses). Find "Assign Employees" and then select an option to assign employees.

How do I assign weekly security tips?

In Slack, find Haekka in the apps list. Once inside, find the "Manage Tips" section and click "Manage". Here you can add employees to tips. They'll receive a topical weekly security tip from Haekka.