About Haekka

Haekka was built by industry experts that were fed up with the lack of quality security training products in the market. Our team is passionate about elevating learning for technology companies.

Our founders have spent a combined 20+ years securing sensitive data for thousands of companies — from startups to Fortune 100s.

They have also written and open-sourced security and privacy training, as well as policies used by hundreds of organizations as the backbone of their infosec programs.

Who we are

Meet our founders.

Travis Good

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder and CEO

Travis is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for making the work we do relevant, effective, and efficient. His experience has taken him from cybersecurity to medicine to compliance on the cloud.

Prior to Haekka, Travis co-founded and was CEO of Datica where he developed and supported the largest platform of HIPAA compliant workloads on the public cloud.

Ryan Rich

Ryan Rich

Co-founder and CTO

Ryan is a skilled product and technology leader who is dedicated to creating valuable experiences and building skilled engineering teams.

Before joining Haekka, Ryan served as the Chief Product Officer at Datica, where he assisted organizations of various sizes in securing healthcare information in the cloud.

Our investors.

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